Director, Program Performance and Accountability

Guilford Technical Community College   Jamestown, NC   Full-time     Information Services / Technology (IT)
Posted on April 2, 2021
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The Director of Program Performance and Accountability is responsible for the administration and effective operation of the non-academic areas of Adult Education to include Records, Registration, and LEIS (Literacy Education Information System). Incumbent provides direct supervision and management of staff in assisting with Records and Registration and LEIS/Program Performance personnel. Director will serve as lead for Adult Education’s use of Web Attendance for maintaining student rosters and will work with staff from GTCC’s IT department and NCCC Systems Office to ensure that Web Attendance and LEIS are operating efficiently. Director oversees the maintenance of student records in a secure environment as outlined in PIP requirements and works with Adult Education staff to develop and monitor registration procedures for Adult Education students. The incumbent will be responsible for the orderly execution of the LEIS function including overall implementation processes and management of vital data for state and institutional program performance and accountability reports. Incumbent will be responsible for training related to the functions within records, Web Attendance, registration and LEIS. This position analyzes and evaluates data related to student performance with a goal of meeting all state and federal performance measure targets for Adult Education. This individual will work closely with the Associate Dean of Adult Education and will report directly to the Dean of Adult Education.


• Work with Adult Ed staff to develop a comprehensive written plan and schedule for accurate and timely LEIS data collection and data entry.
• Plan and coordinate efforts to develop strategies for assisting instructors and staff in the accurate collection and completion of information necessary for data entry.
• Implement plans to ensure confidentiality of all collected data.
• Work with GTCC staff from ITS and IR to create reports to capture data needed to document student attendance, retention and program performance.
• Generate and distribute reports to the appropriate Adult Ed staff members to document student attendance, retention and program performance.
• Maintain the most current LEIS forms/materials for distribution to instructors and staff.
• Review and disseminate LEIS information and directives.
• Perform data input and assist as needed to retrieve data to complete reports/documents/research.
• Maintain all necessary records relating to LEIS function.
• Develop efficient methods of data collection, data entry and record keeping ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies.
• Review and evaluate the accuracy and appropriateness of student data, outcomes, goals, etc., and report discrepancies or concerns to the appropriate Adult Ed staff.
• Perform data analysis and interpretation to advise Adult Ed staff on the utilization of LEIS data to enhance student retention and program performance on federal and state targets for Adult Education.
• Monitor LEIS and Registration workflows and submit monthly progress/status reports to appropriate Adult Ed staff.
• Monitor Web Attendance functions and work with staff from GTCC and the NCCC Systems Office to maximize Web Attendance usage.
• Make necessary on and off campus site visitations to assist with ensuring the proper implementation and completion of LEIS data.
• Analyze student data per NCCCS College and Career Readiness (Basic Skills) benchmarks and federal requirements to prepare timely reports that allow for data-informed management including, but not limited to, students ready for post-testing, MSG rates overall and by class, retention, post-testing rates, Table 4, and Table 4B.
• Complete reports requested by outside agencies, the North Carolina Community College System Office, and other college offices.
• Maintain a database file of all information necessary to complete reports required to fulfill state/institutional obligations as it relates to LEIS reports.

• Make recommendations to Dean and Associate Dean of Adult Education regarding policies and procedures related to LEIS data, records, registration, audit systems, transcripts and computer data systems.

• Implement effective oral communications skills, data collection, and analysis skills with instructors and staff in order to meet deadlines, ensure report accuracy, and maximize program performance and retention.

• Organize and coordinate personnel and work schedules to accommodate meeting reporting deadlines.
• Provide necessary in-service training opportunities for instructors and staff related to Colleague, LEIS, Web Attendance and registration procedures.

• Supervise, train and conduct performance evaluations for personnel.
• Greet general public in role as manager of student records.
• Respond to inquiries from the general public received via written and electronic communications.
• Possess knowledge of institutional offerings and provide appropriate information to staff and the general public.
• Promote the philosophy of the college in all community activities and contacts.
• Attend appropriate staff and faculty meetings. Participate in college committees and special events.

• Promote the overall mission and goals of the Adult Education Program and GTCC.
• Attend and participate in appropriate local and state workshops and conferences to enhance job performance and pursue professional skills enhancement courses. Participate in professional development opportunities related to Colleague, LEIS, Web Attendance, registration, and other Adult Ed topics.

• Perform all duties as assigned by supervisor.
• Demonstrate and model the College’s employability skills: adaptability, communication, information processing, problem solving, responsibility and teamwork.

Difficult Challenges

• Dealing with frequent interruptions
• Dealing with limited resources (fiscal, human, supplies, etc.)
• Managing personnel issues
• Managing student issues (behavior, health, emergencies)


• Daily: Dean and Associate Dean of Adult Education, Program Performance Technicians
• Daily: Adult Education employees, students and general public
• Weekly/Monthly: ITS, IR, Internal Auditing, Continuing Education Registrar, and other departments as needed

Education Required

• Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems, Computer Technology, Math, Statistics, Data Management, or related field from a regionally accredited post-secondary institution

Education Preferred

• Master’s degree in Information Systems, Computer Technology, Math, Statistics, Data Management, or related field from a regionally accredited post-secondary institution

Experience Required

• Four years of related records management experience, including evidence of experience in the following areas:
• Thorough knowledge of data analysis best practices and procedures
• Proficiency in Excel and in using database software applications such as Informer and SQL
• Experience reviewing data according to programs and policies
• Experience recognizing, working with, and reporting data anomalies
• Experience analyzing, compiling, and reporting data analyses related to student performance and/or retention.
• Recent experience with an enterprise student information system (e.g., Colleague)

Experience Preferred

• More than four years of related records management experience
• Experience as a database administrator and/or computer programmer
• Experience in an academic setting
• Literacy Education Information System (LEIS) Adult Education data entry and analysis experience
• Experience reviewing data according to Community College and/or Adult Education programs and policies
• Experience working with National Reporting System (NRS) Testing and Performance Measures

KSA Required

• Strong analytical skills
• Must be proficient in Microsoft Office suite.
• Must have a typing speed of at least 50 wpm.
• Exhibited skills in communication, interpersonal relations, records management, and office procedures are essential.
• Ability to organize/prioritize work schedule to accommodate meeting deadlines.
• Ability to use the LEIS user manual and NCCCS College and Career Readiness (CCR) Assessment Manual

KSA Preferred

• Experience with LEIS and NRS Requirements and Adult Education performance measures
• Ability to use Datatel Colleague LEIS screens
• Knowledge of Title II Adult Education program policies, procedures, and reporting rules
• Ability to use Web Attendance and Informer

Department/Job Specific Requirements

• General knowledge of Adult Education programs and the community college system.
• Ability to participate as a team member, ability to understand and interpret rules and regulations, and ability to readily adjust to change.
• Must possess a pleasing telephone manner, be diplomatic, and tactful in dealing with people.
• Must show initiative and require minimal supervision to achieve assigned duties.
• Must have ability to use own judgment in decision-making situations.
• Must have good organizational and planning skills.
• Must be able to work days, Monday – Friday, with occasional evenings and weekends as needed.
• Travel outside the area may be required to attend organizational and developmental activities.
• Other related duties as assigned.

Physical Demands

Physical Activity:Primarily sitting
Environmental Hazard(s):<15%

Posting Type Staff