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Posted on July 11, 2021

Nurse Educator (Full-Time)

Job Description: Nurse Educators instruct, support and guide the next generation of nurses on their journey to acquiring an Associate's Degree in Nursing.

Why should you choose a career as a Nurse Educator at Surry Community College?
• Allows more control over your own schedule
• More time at home with your family
• True balance between work and life
• Help guide the next generation of nurses to ensure they have the skills they need in the workforce.
• Small class sizes.
• Multiple centers.
• Campus is located in the middle of a great little community.
• Campus has a great family-oriented atmosphere.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
a. Conducting in a professional manner all class hours as assigned by the course schedule and academic calendar.
b. Creating correct, professional syllabi that meet Faculty Syllabus Checklist requirements.
c. Creating, administering, and accurately assessing substantive assignments and activities that require critical thinking.
d. Meeting classes on time and for the full duration of the published class time.
e. Posting office hours each semester, providing copies for the division chair and dean, and meeting all posted office hours.
f. Attending all mandatory divisional and college-wide meetings and graduation ceremonies.
g. Notifying the division chair as soon as possible in the event of illness.
h. Maintaining alternative educational activities, which students may use in the event of faculty illness.
i. Supporting and following college policies and procedures.
j. Assuming reasonable responsibility for security, maintenance, and inventory of assigned equipment and supplies.
k. Preparing and submitting accurate and precise attendance rosters, student grades, book orders, leave reports, and other assigned documents when due.
l. Assisting in the selection of textbooks and maintaining updated text information.
m. Substituting for other faculty members as assigned by the division chair or dean.
n. Participating actively in institutional effectiveness planning by identifying expected student outcomes, assessment means, and improvement strategies based on assessment results.
o. Properly submitting assignments and the resulting student artifacts when selected for college-wide General Education Assessment.
p. Preparing supplemental teaching activities, such as developing supplemental Moodle course sites, referring weak students for tutoring, consulting with students, and facilitating help or review sessions outside of class time.
a. Providing accurate academic advising to students whenever needed.
b. Participating in advisor in-service training.
Participating in activities that promote the welfare of the college, such as serving on committees, preparing accreditation reports, mentoring new and adjunct faculty, advising SGA-approved student organizations, recruiting for and marketing instructional programs, participating in faculty governance, revising curricula, or otherwise using the faculty member's academic expertise and skills in the service of the college.
a. Participating in mandatory on-campus professional development activities.
b. Participating in professional development activities in the faculty member's formally recognized area of expertise, such as attending or presenting at professional conferences, participating in summer institutes or short courses, auditing or taking graduate-level courses, and maintaining membership in professional organizations.
Required Qualification: Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, two years (or the equivalent) of full-time clinical nursing practice as a Registered Nurse with direct patient care, and a current unrestricted license to practice as a registered nurse in North Carolina. Prior to or within three years of employment have preparation in teaching and learning principles for adult education, including curriculum development, implementation and evaluation, appropriate to assignment. One of the following may demonstrate this preparation:
A. completion of 45 contact hours of continuing education courses;
B. completion of a certificate program in nursing education;
C. nine semester hours of education course work;
D. national certification in nursing education; or
E. documentation of successful completion of structured, individualized development activities of at least 45 contact hours approved by the Board. Criteria for approval include content in the faculty role within the curriculum implementation, objectives to be met and evaluated, review of strategies for identified student population and expectations of student and faculty performance.

Full benefits:
• Health Care Insurance
• Dental Insurance
• Life Insurance
• Retirement
• Disability Insurance
• Flexible Benefits Plan
• North Carolina 401(k) Plan
• North Carolina 457 Plan
• Longevity Schedule
• Holidays
• Workers' Compensation
• Sick Leave
• Shared Leave
• Family/Medical Leave
• Civil Leave
• Personal Leave

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